Google Plus Advantage presented by That Sales Guy“Six years ago, you probably would not have joined Facebook—if you even knew what Facebook was. Ditto for Twitter. Today, you’re probably using at least one of the services.” Both services, to use Malcolm Gladwell’s term, “tipped.”

“Do you remember when everyone predicted that MySpace would control the world? … MySpace didn’t tip. It imploded. Things change. Rapidly. Unexpectedly. Unbelievably. ~ Guy Kawasaki

Will Google+ do a Facebook or do a MySpace?

Guy Kawasaki’s prediction is that Google+ will not only tip, but it will exceed Facebook and Twitter. I’m not only following Guy on Google+ but I’m subscribing to his opinion.

Why Google Plus Is The Place To Be

Join me in a casual but informative Workshop

We will show WHY YOU should be using Google+. We will answer your personal questions about this growing network. We will answer these and other important questions.

  • Where to begin and How to set up your Google+ Profile?
  • How your customers can find you faster online?
  • Personal Profile vs Business Pages, do you need both?
  • How to share and build your online visibility effectively?
  • How to personalize your circles of influence?
  • How to increase your online engagement?
  • How your business can benefit from this huge new network?